Real-time access to competitive FX pricing

EMpowerFX provides Crown Agents Bank clients with direct access to competitive pricing and execution capabilities across all major traded currencies and emerging and frontier market currency exposures.  We currently support well in excess of 400 currency pairs on the platform whilst ensuring the platform allows clients full control and transparency of work flows. 

We produce a one stop entry point for clients to manage their day to day exposures in FX, through managing balances, covering risk, monitoring market fluctuations and accessing real-time, competitive pricing. Users gain instant access to our exotic FX pricing, live market news feeds along with access to major traded currency pairs.

We have developed the EMpowerFX platform by listening to the requirements of our clients. Built on market leading technology, it allows CAB to constantly customise and deliver the right solutions for our customers. Our aim is to keep ahead of an ever-changing market and constantly create a dynamic and relevant solution to our clients in pricing, information and execution services.

Key Features of EMpowerFX

  • Direct access to the real-time, competitive pricing for over 100 emerging and developed market currencies
  • Immediate tailored request-for-quotation (RFQ) facilities for illiquid non-streaming currencies
  • Full control and transparency over work flows, enabling clients to:
  • Manage day-to-day hedging exposures in FX
  • Manage balances
  • Live market-related news feeds embedded into the display to update the trader with global events that could affect market prices
  • The ability to detach tiles detailing preferred currency pairs from the main dashboard in order to monitor a specific currency or to compare particular currencies against others

Extra Benefits of EMpowerFX

  • A dynamic, user-friendly platform
  • Insights on all trades and deals are available in historical trade blotters that can be searched and exported to CSV format
  • The ability to personalise screen layouts and customise user profiles
  • Built-in safety mechanisms such as automatic logouts
  • Crown Agents Bank’s Ecommerce Client Management team on hand to provide support and advice
  • EMpowerFX is compatible with all common web browsers

Link to the EMpowerFX site