Important message from our Group CEO Albert Maasland

Published // 24th March 2020

Further to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on 23rd March of an immediate “lockdown” throughout the UK, I want to reassure all our stakeholders – including clients, customers, suppliers and of course all our Group employees – that both Crown Agents Bank and our sister organisations Segovia and CAIM are well-prepared for this eventuality. Our internal and external systems are robust and secure. We have well established business continuity plans and have spent the preceding weeks ensuring that we can remain open and optimised in the event of a UK lockdown or similar event. Given this, we believe the impact on our services should be minimal – with our aim being 100% business continuity.

In line with government guidelines, our employees are now working remotely. They are all able to connect securely to our systems and execute the bank’s and Asset Management business services seamlessly. Some key staff remain on-site or on call in order to ensure continuity and to deal with any emergencies, should they occur.

We are therefore as accessible as ever and open for business “as usual”. Our relationship managers are all securely connected and able to operate seamlessly. Clients and other stakeholders should continue to communicate their needs as normal and with no loss or compromise in security.

As an organisation, we are proud of the services we provide in and with our focus markets that require a specialist approach. Such work has built within the bank a robustness and resilience – in terms of operations and functionality – that I hope and expect will show its mettle as the world focuses on overcoming the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Certainly, we fully understand the importance of supporting your banking and asset management needs through these difficult times. What we do now has an impact on the future: helping ensure that money continues to flow; cross border trade continues, emergency and development aid, remittances, salaries and pensions are paid, that jobs are maintained, and that the economies of all our stakeholders emerge from the crisis able to recover and move forward.

If you have any concerns or immediate needs, please do not hesitate to contact us via your usual contact.

Please, stay safe.

Albert Maasland, Group CEO, Crown Agents Bank and Crown Agents Investment Management

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