Team-driven success

Our employees are at the heart of everything that we do; we take great pride in execution proficiency and the excellence of our service to clients. We foster a culture of teamwork within and between departments, advancement on merit and creativity.

Authorised and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, CAB has instituted a Code of Conduct and an Ethics Policy that demand honest and ethical conduct from all employees.

A culture of diversity and inclusion is fundamental to the success of any organisation, but it is especially true for CAB, given the regions in which we operate. For the company to grow and thrive over the long term, our teams must reflect the diversity of the communities and cultures which we serve. That means we must attract, retain and motivate people from many backgrounds and perspectives. We seek out differences based on factors such as race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and age. But we don’t limit our approach to these. We see diversity as covering many other factors including social background, personality, thinking styles and work history.

The Board & EXCO