Trade Finance

Trade Finance

Facilitating trade between our focus regions and global markets

Crown Agents Bank offers a wide variety of trade finance products across our focus countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. We provide Letter of Credit (L/C) confirmation facilities (on a clean and cash covered basis) to our Financial Institution clients and offer L/C confirmation and discounting to a large range of exporters globally. Our experienced front office and operations teams ensure that superior client service is at the forefront of everything we do.

We intervene when we truly believe we can add value. Our entire process is focused on delivery throughout the transaction cycle, offering a result-orientated, bespoke service. Initially, we gather as much relevant knowledge of your trade finance needs as possible in order to direct our efforts in an effective manner, reaching value added trade finance solutions.

Our USP is that we understand most of the challenges of the countries in which we operate, not only because the team travel there often but, more importantly, that we have vast experience in deploying our trade finance solutions on the ground in our focus regions.

Wide Product Offering

  • Advising and Confirmation of Letters of Credit
  • Discounting and Refinancing of Letters of Credit
  • Discounting of Promissory Notes and Bills of Exchange
  • Trade Finance Loans
  • Re-issuance of Bank Guarantees, including Advanced Payment Guarantees, Demand Guarantees, Performance Guarantees and Bid Bonds
  • Trade Finance Advisory Services
  • Export Bills for Collection

Knowledge and Focus

  • Experienced trade finance origination team
  • A team of all Certified Documentary Credits Specialists
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Due to our extensive experience and understanding in our focus markets, we may have risk appetite for local bank transactions where our competitors may not
  • Niche market focus